is a proposed Working Name in English

I suggest that we use as a working name in English.

It is useful to find some kind of accessory domain name that brings Les Grands Voisins as such into the English-speaking worlds with as similar a meaning. to the mission as possible: a great tool for openness integral to the Les Grands Voisins concept.

Support for as an accessory domain name is pouring in!


In a good village your son smashes a pie in the face of a frat boy.

Mike from the Sierra Club in Saint Louis

Love it!

Tim the Veterinarian near Philly

This is cool! Can’t wait to see how it evolves

Chris the preacher from Tulsa

We have « Common Living » in Germany. A Good Village is better. It makes you wonder and ask what it is about.

Two German Fellows in Paris (from memory / paraphrase)

From my gut, A Good Village is the way to go.

Helen, an American in Paris (from memory / paraphrase)

« agoodvillage » is nice and catchy :cowboy_hat_face: Even for the French…

Michael the Parisian Philosopher

Hey Chris! I like it, « » sounds ~great~ very good :slightly_smiling_face:

Lin the Product Designer from London