G.A.F.A.M. Inspiration: gafam.us for agoodvillage.com (.org)

AGoodVillage.com also provides digital services. These digital services are already covered by the conglomerate GAFAM: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. Well, A Good Village can provide those services as well without a need for them, with the following names under gafam.us.

The names don’t have to be perfectly remembered. They only need to be strong strongly plausible.

Googlehood.com: All Things Website-Related

Googlehood.com handles everything public-facing institutional website-related for Villagers including directory of Villagers, tools for website authoring, a search engine, a news portal, and images search, videos, etc.

The logo for this service could be a letter G with a Robin-Hood hat, a bow and a quiver of arrows.

Amazage.com: e-Commerce

Amazage.com is a plateform for buying and selling with shipping and customer service.

The logo could be two buildings, or a village with an arrow-smile from one building to the next.

Faceagora.com: Social Media

Faceagora.com is a place for Villagers to exist and express ourselves individually and in collective groups.

The logo could be an f with a toga and a crown.

Appgv.com: Integrated Application Environment

Appgv.com provides a central launch bar and menu for different and useful applications. Villagers work with files, emails, contacts, calendar, passwords, etc. This is also where the core accounts may reside.

The logo could be a house with a bit taken out of it.

Mycraftsoft.com: ProAm Computer Stuff

Mycraftsoft.com provides best-effort mastery of computer stuff though professional and amature help.

The logo could be just the word Mycraftsoft, but maybe with something that would imply craftsmanship.