Private Preview Space

@bobby_baldridge asked for if it is possible to prepare a story, send the link, and obtain permission from the person or persons interviewed to validate the article before final publication. I think that allows an elegant solution. Here’s how.

First, I created a private area in the for @bobby_baldridge that would be restricted to a group of users: baldridge. The category is also named baldridge.

User Group « Baldrige »:

Protected Category of topics:

Second, @bobby_baldridge may create content in that category by any means available through the Discourse software of with the button « New Topic ». For such new content to be protected, it would have to be under the aforementioned category « baldridge ». This category and its contents are only visible to members of the Baldridge group.

Third, @bobby_baldridge may from the topic or from the category invite users with references to the category, the topic and noting that the invitation is specifically for the « Baldrige » group (because noting the baldridge group in the invitation would bestow upon the user the rights to the content in question).

From a content-creator perspective, that is all @bobby_baldridge needs to do. Let’s now consider what happens from the interviewee perspective.

The interviewee would receive a link. That link is specific to the interviewee and this is by design. The interview would confirm wishing to see and engage with the content, ideally using his or her email credentials for authentification and (with the invite including the Baldrige group) authorization.

Every person invited will have access potentially to the visible content of every other person invited to see the content in this scenario. Should @bobby_baldridge wish to restrain the category only to content ongoing requests, @bobby_baldridge may either publish the content to the English category (or a public category specific to Baldridge Publications) or rendre the posts invisible whist staying in the private category.

We could also create, if the system is used by @bobby_baldridge , a three category system: Baldrige_Published, Baldridge_Permission_Pending, and Baldridge_Private (or Baldridge_Editing). It would depend on Baldrige’s use. The multi-category solution also has interesting possibilities.

Should @bobby_baldridge have wished to have Cloud Folders to have persons consult content, @bobby_baldridge could use cloud-drive solutions such as, iDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.